Weekly Designs: Anthurium Previa

I think that anthurium are generally an underrated flower. Maybe it has to do with the cheapo fake ones you see in artificial designs, ugly! Or that some people refer to them as the "Boy Flower" because of their appearance...ahem, I don't think I need to elaborate.

Whatever the reason they are beautiful, particularly the variety I used in this design. Anthurium previa is a pure lavender with medium sized flower. What most people may not realize is the range of colors available, from pure white to variations of green onto deep reds and burgundy. Anthurium could certainly be added to the list of flowers to use for summer weddings or anytime you want a more tropical look for the design.

I paired the anthurium with an arrangement of these deep magenta/purple calla lilies in a vase lined with monstera leaves. How stunning are these callas?

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