Friends with benefits

Not the kind of benefits Justin Timberlake is all about right now but real benefits that come from having friends "in the biz". One of my dearest friends recently got engaged and I'm thrilled for him and his fiance. I couldn't be happier for the two of them but it started me thinking.

I've designed the flowers for a few friends' weddings already as well as for my sister. Some were a little hectic because I was also a bridesmaid but for the most part it went smoothly and I loved being a part of their day in such a special way.

I love to help my friends. I have no idea what this particular friend has planned for his wedding (they just got engaged) but I did put it out there that I'm here if they want the help but they don't need to feel compelled to take me up on my offer or have me design the flowers (gasp!). On a side note, if I don't design the flowers please tell the other guests not to ask me what I think of the centerpieces, I start to blush and stutter while quickly thinking of the appropriate response, it can be a teensy bit awkward.

So I'm wondering how people feel in general about using friends/families to help create their wedding. Do you look to the people you know in the wedding industry - designers, photographers, bakers, etc. for help or do you prefer to go it alone?

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