Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

there are so many choices in colors and textures at this time of year. combination's can range from softer tones of orange and greens to more vibrant tones of orange and golds. of course leaves, berries and branches intertwined throughout the arrangement gives a lovely touch of fall. to create a more abundant look and perhaps use ingredients you already have for your thanksgiving dinner, use a simple wooden crate and combine vegetables and greens for a beautiful and simple table centerpiece.

mango calla lilies, green leucadendron, gold curly willow and orange cymbidium orchids

pin cushion protea, hydrangea, gold cymbidium orchids, roses and asclepia

asclepia, mango calla lilies, brassica and orange tulips

purple brassica, broccoli, echinacea, persimmon, radishes and artichokes
carrots, artichokes, radishes, zucchini, red scallions and various herbs

table decoration shouldn't end with the centerpiece! there are other ways to add special and thoughtful touches to your thanksgiving table.
here are some easy ideas...
for place card ideas and napkin accents, you can always count on Martha Stewart to have some great ideas. i saw these simple place cards over on etsy and think that these candles are so adorable and could easily be added to a floating candle centerpiece.
Country Living also put together some great looks, you can find them here.
for a more modern look for the table, i love this orange and gray color combo.

along with all of the flowers and decorations nothing is more impressive than a properly set table. below are examples of an informal and formal table settings.

photo courtesy of classy and fabulous via simplified bee

whatever you choose to do and no matter what your Thanksgiving table design looks like, give thanks and enjoy the times with the special people in your life.


The Girl Effect

this post is part of the girl effect blogging campaign organized by Tara Sophia Mohr.

women are amazing and never cease to wow me with their brilliance, determination and uncanny ability to multi-task. mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, nieces and friends have all shown me what it means to be strong, independent, caring and brave.

so when i saw this link over on scoutie girl, it stirred something in me.

i realize that
i am blessed.
that my worries as a young girl were few.
i had my own struggle and lost a bit of my girlhood when i lost my mother before my twelfth birthday.
but when kept in perspective this did not change the knowledge that had already been instilled in me that i could DO anything,
BE anything. anything at all.
i had opportunities.

i realize this, among so many other things is not a luxury enjoyed by all.

by twelve years of age the girlhood of many girls around the world is stolen.

i urge to find out more about the girl effect, here.
and to spread the word and do what you can to help make a difference.


Juliette Roses

garden roses are romantic, feminine, luscious and perfectly beautiful. one of my favorites is Juliette, a particular David Austin variety from California that are available all year round. that's the best part since most often the bulk of garden roses are available during the summer months.

i've used it here in a design that would work really well for a Thanksgiving table. paired with the roses i used cymbidium orchids, freesia, asclepia, bush ivy and accents of curly willow. it's not your typical fall arrangement filled with berries, fall leaves and other more traditional elements but i think the colors work well for the season.

more ideas for Thanksgiving are on the way...



i'm a couple of weeks late in posting this but i don't think you'll mind once you see the cuteness.

but first a little bit about the flowers. i created a beautiful fall arrangement for a silent auction at a halloween party for bowery babes (a group of amazaing moms (and dads) and their little ones.)

although this was technically for halloween it is really a perfect look for anytime in the fall and with Thanksgiving coming up you may be looking for ideas to decorate your table. i kept this simple and a little more on the "funky" and textured side of things. succulents, pin cushion protea and leucadendron were paired with some mango calla lilies and some berried bush ivy. i covered the vase in moss (which can be a little messy but i love the look of it!). for an extra touch i added some copper wire to give it a subtle sparkle.

i'll be posting some more ideas for your thanksgiving table decor but i would love to hear what you are planning?

Oh right, you're still waiting for the cuteness...well here it is....

but of course that's just a mommy lion's opinion.
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