Union Square Greenmarket: River Garden Farms

I have a dirty little secret. I can sometimes be a flower snob. I don't mean to do it and I truly do love all flowers but sometimes the presentation is so lacking makes me shake my head. Until I took a quick stroll through the green market last week.
Local flowers are abundant right now and if you're in nyc you need to head to the USQ green market...let me rephrase that, you need to RUN, run to River Garden Farms.
River Garden Farms (which unfortuantely doesn't have a website that I can find) has THE most beautiful display. I had no intentions of looking but I stopped in my tracks and couldn't stop looking. SO BEAUTIFUL! So many options and the flowers were in pristine condition and the ready made bouquets were lovely. Luke from River Garden told me that they actually had already sold so much that I should check them out on Saturday when they would have a ton more. I couldn't make it back there on Saturday but I plan to very soon! And if I'm lucky I may try and schedule a visit to the farm if they will have me :)

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