The Big Enough Company

I mostly talk about the creative part of my days but there are many other aspects of running a small business that fill my days. Admittedly I would much rather "play with flowers" all day but other areas need my attention to keep growing and building my business.

Early on when I was in the beginning stages of launching Blade I went to a Ladies Who Launch event where I was lucky enough to meet Amy Abrams & Adelaide Lancaster of In Good Company. We started chatting and I was immediately interested in their business and the services they provided, they were interested in having weekly flowers in their office. A perfect combination.

As a new business owner I often struggled with finding the right place to meet with clients - a coffee shop didn't really do the trick. Enter In Good Company, the answer to my "space" needs. Little did I know at the time that there was much more to IGC than just workspace. It is a community of women business owners and entrepreneurs from all areas of business working together, sharing ideas and all the while fostering a true sense of community.

Adelaide and Amy have created something great and continue to share their knowledge and experiences to help the members of IGC and many other entrepreneurs. Their most recent venture, The Big Enough Company, is intended to help aspiring and current entrepreneurs create the business that is right for them, success the way they see it and not to be defined by another person's version of success. They interview over 100 entrepreneurs and use their stories to help illustrate these ideas.

I anxiously await my copy and you can pre-order your own here.

In business as in life you need to feel part of a community, something bigger than yourself. It is often hard not to feel isolated as a small business owner. In Good Company is one way, a BIG way, to feel a little more connected.

*** Don't forget to enter their contest to win 8 hours of EXPERT help.

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