Hot pinks for TMobile

We provided flowers for a TMobile event at Catch Restaurant last week. 
Hot pink and modern using white containers were the only requirements.
Here's what we came up with...


Floral Workshop

Join us for our first floral workshop!


Japanese Ranunculus

If you don't already know Japan is producing some of the most amazing flowers. I saw some at the flower show a few months ago but the past few weeks in the market these ranunculus have blown my mind!!

 This Lemon Apricot variety are literally the size of a grapefruit and are not even fully open.

 Just when I thought they couldn't get more beautiful this amazing variety, Charlotte showed up. 
I mean seriously?! They are just too gorgeous!



Spring time city walk.

Even though I have the opportunity to see beautiful and exotic flowers from all over the world I still can't get enough of the little treasures you find walking through the city in the spring. It's easy to pass by without taking notice. This week I took a little time to smell the roses, so to speak.

On the left the helleborus is so beautiful with it's down turned flower heads and on the right early blooming clematis. I love this window box display in front of a downtown apartment building. As with everything in the city when you don't have a lot of space to go out you go up, creating an elevated garden using stone.
 As I walked away I took a last look back and although you can't see it too well from this picture I thought it was genius that the awning over the front entrance was also used for a planted garden. What a treat for the floors above to look down and see this garden.
 Much to my surprise while walking through Thompkins Square Park I noticed this large patch of lily of the valley just beginning to flower. A favorite of brides they are delicate stems of bell shaped blooms and are beautifully fragrant. I have to remember to check out this patch in a few more weeks to see them in full bloom.

So while we are all moving in one direction or the other don't forget to take in what spring has brought us, you may be delightfully surprised at the things you will find.


Real Wedding: Ashley & Doug

I love this wedding. The images speak for themselves. It's simple, classic, romantic and has all the right elements included. The ceremony and reception both took place at the NYIT de Seversky Mansion in Old Westbury, NY. The wedding took place last October during that freak snowstorm and even though it took me a while to get the images and even longer to post them it was definitely worth the wait.

All images courtesy of Christain Oth Studio


Spring? Summer?

It is spring right? Well it sure feels a lot like summer today and the day has only just begun. I really love the spring and wish it would stick around for a bit longer before those long, hot summer days kick in. They can be equally as enjoyable but I'm just not ready yet...
Anyway, on to the flowers. I headed to the market today feeling like I needed to find some local lilac. You know the kind that smacks you in the face with it's intoxicating aroma? Yes, that kind. With big beautiful flowers that seems so full and lush that they may break right off the stem. Well unfortunately I didn't find any. There was some sad little bits here and there but nothing that made me say yes! you were just what I was looking for. Maybe it's still a bit early in the season or perhaps I was just a little late in the morning but either way I had to shift the gears in my mind and choose something else for my weekly design.
I sort of stuck with the purple idea but added a little lime green for a fresh, crisp feeling. I mixed some tropical flowers, some springy blooms and some aromatic herbs and here's what I came up with....

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