A Family Affair

I love when I get a text like this from my sister...

Her garden is lovely and was originally planted in part by our brother who knows EV.E.RY.TH.IN.G about plants. I mean everything. It's actually quite annoying sometimes since I think I should know a little more about things when they are still growing in the ground but once he starts speaking Latin (literally) I'm done, I can't compete.

Anyway, I love that she would send me a picture of something she did with flowers since I'm constantly boring her with all the things that I do with flowers. And if that's not enough, her mother-in-law is a floral designer and so is her next door neighbor Jeri and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting someone.

I love this arrangement. Simple and sweet, what flowers really should be in your home.

Thanks for sharing sistah. xo

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