Wedding Wednesday: Summer Wedding Flowers

After a few days of very hot and humid weather here in the city I started thinking of those summer weddings when it's just SO hot and sticky. Not only do you sweat and melt in the hot sun but the flowers you choose can wilt and burn under the sun too!

This is something to consider when choosing the style and design of the bouquets and centerpieces for your wedding as well as the flowers that you will use. This isn't only a concern for outdoor weddings but also for personal flowers including bouquets and boutonnieres that need to hold up in the heat. You definitely don't want wilting flowers in your pictures. [You may want to consider having two bouquets so you have a back-up.]

Tropical flowers are one of the best options for warm weather. Since they naturally come from warm weather climates they can withstand heat and humidity. There are endless varieties of orchids; cymbidiums, phaleonopsis, cattelaya and dendrobium just to name a few. Along with the flowers there are many tropical greens that would be perfect for a wedding. Amazing philadendron leaves, steel grass and monstera leaves are great as accents to the flowers or on their own. Pin cushion protea, lotus pods, air plants and succulents are alternative ideas that would be great for elements of texture.

For something a little more casual would be the abundant wild flowers that are available throughout the summer. While these won't work in every venue or for a more formal wedding they are perfect for an outdoor or more casual feeling. Sunflowers, campanula, zinnias, ferns, queen anne's lace, aster, mums and grasses are all good options.

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