A Family Affair Part II

I'm the youngest of 5 children. Yes, that's right five. As a relatively new mom I almost can't fathom it and my mom had the first 3 in less than 3 years. I mean seriously, what were they thinking? Three girls, two boys that's the breakdown.

I love them all the same but I do have a really close relationship with my two sisters. We can't help it, if we don't speak for a few days it's just not normal. Okay, sometimes it's a few hours. We compete for each others favorite sister spot and often lie about how much fun we have when only two of us are together. My brother can't believe how quickly the news travels and gets a bit miffed sometimes when he can't be the first to break the news.

So when sister #1 found out that sister #2 was mentioned here she said something along the lines of  "What?!? How come you didn't mention me? Womp wah, I'm not creative..." We're really mature as you can see.

Then she sent me this.

I love it...it remind us both of the tiger lilies that used to grow on the side of the driveway at our childhood home. Not far from the garden roses.

So you see my lovely sister Mary, you are creative and captured the beauty of this lily and a memory with one click.

Oh, but I have some bad news for you...Jean tried to outdo you and sent me this,

but I think she had an unfair advantage from a pro.

This competition may never end...

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