Beyond the red rose for Valentine's Day!

when considering flowers for valentine's day i always urge people to think beyond red roses. they can be beautiful when designed in a more creative way however i think that valentine's day is the last time of year when i would like to receive them.
there are SO many beautiful flower options and color combinations that can work and still feel "oh so romantic". think deep rich jewel tones, combinations of red, purple and burgundy, elegant white/ivory designs and there is nothing wrong with vibrant mixes of color to brighten someones day.
here are a few ideas that are sure to please.

so choose something that shows the person in your life that you know what they love and didn't just follow the crowd rushing to that traditional dozen of red roses.



Valentine's Day is right around the corner so I'll be spending the next few days posting some great finds, beautiful flowers and some other things that I just happen to love.

I think these posters from Love Sugar are lovely! They speak for themselves.

all images from Love Sugar
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