i love this site and just wanted to share a little something to brighten your day...or actually your desktop! check out the beautiful desktop wallpapers available for FREE download.
this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite...i can't explain it but i love buttons. it must be a result of the ever present "button-box" filled with brightly colored buttons in all shapes and sizes that my mother always had in the sewing room! the colors of these buttons scream spring and as we all wait in anticipation of warmer spring days these simple little buttons definitely brightened my mood.


water lilies...

as promised here are some of the most beautiful pictures i've taken of water lilies. these are so vibrant in color and when fully bloomed are absolutely stunning! i'm by no means a professional photographer but i do love capturing the natural beauty of flowers...enjoy!

have a great weekend!



since i talked about the current orchid show at the new york botanical gardens i wanted to share some pictures from the last show i went to...kiku.
beautiful chrysanthemums are on display in "cascading" or "thousand mum" designs, you will not believe how striking these simple flowers can look when cultivated in this way.

photo courtesy of NYBG

photo by talisman brolin

photo courtesy of NYBG

to be honest my favorite part of the show is the bamboo sculpture designed by tetsunori kawana

and i can never get enough of the amazing beautiful water lilies

check back later this week for some other stunning water lily shots i've taken.

the orchid show

if you haven't visited the new york botanical gardens recently then now is the perfect time. the orchid show runs until april 12th. i haven't been yet but just looking through the gallery i can see how amazingly beautiful it is. i visit the gardens each season and it's the perfect way to spend an afternoon....there are many different events/classes to choose from so be sure to check them out. i'll definitely share some pictures after my visit.


when irish eyes are smiling...

happy st. patrick's day!!! anyone who knows me knows that st. paddy's day is one of my favorite holidays!! what is better than lots of green...green beer, green shamrocks and the oh so popular green carnations.
i know, i know, i should hate carnations let alone green ones! but i can't. one of my favorite memories is waking up on st. patrick's day to a green carnation corsage that my dad would have for me. it was the prettiest thing i had ever seen...luckily my tastes have become a little more refined since then but i can't ever see a green carnation and not want to smile, even just a little. green carnations have also come a long way since back in the day and some of the colors are very pretty. carnations are often dismissed as a "cheap" flower but when used in an interesting way they can be beautiful.

in case you want to design a st. paddy's day table without using green carnations here are a couple of options to choose from:

cymbidium orchids

jade roses


bud vases...

everyone always asks me if i have fresh flowers in my apartment...the truth is i often forget to include myself on my market list. it's usually when an unusual bloom strikes me while shopping that i think about bringing some home for myself.
i find the best option for my home and for many of us living in tiny new york apartments are bud vases. you can find beautiful, simple bud vases everywhere...cb2 has amazing options and they are inexpensive so you can choose to use one or a combination of different shapes and sizes for a greater impact.
this week i couldn't resist the sweet scent of this hot pink freesia! i used a set of two amber bud vases and they are the perfect addition to my living room! i could have easily just used one or two stems in each vase but i choose to make it a little fuller.
as we wait for these cold winter days to pass and spring to arrive bring a little touch of spring inside with a sweet, simple bud vase!


emerald city...

could i love anthropologie more? i didn't think it was possible but every time i walk in the store or visit the website i have another reason to...i love these candlesticks! i'm not always a huge fan of using taper candles but the emerald color of this glass holder is so beautiful that i couldn't resist. i can't wait to design a table with these as the focal...and as you know any color goes with green...simple white, bright yellows or go ultra preppy and combine with pink!
the possibilities are endless...oh yeah, and the best part is that they are on sale, so move fast if you want some!



i had the pleasure of taking part in an entrepreneurial workshop for high school girls so they could learn about different career opportunities. in good company workplaces hosted the event and gathered together 5 of their community members, including myself, to talk about their own company and how they decided to become an entrepreneur. we were all from varied backgrounds with a variety of businesses...i think i may have learned as much as the girls! it's always inspiring to be in a room with a group of smart, talented women who have decided to take that leap and try it on their own. the girls are part of the step up women's network teen empowerment program, working with teen girls from underserved communities. suwn provides a variety of services and programs for these teens as well as social networking & professional mentorship for women.


it's amazing to me that after all this time i can still walk into the flower market and be bowled over by all the flowers, the abundance of colors and choices available. i bumped into my friend emily, co-owner of vine and we both agreed at how stunning the flowers were yesterday!! shipments from japan were among some of the most breathtaking. speaking of breathtaking, after being inspired by the market selections i came back to my desk and noticed my copy of christopher beane's book of photography, flower....it's a collection of the most amazing floral photography i've ever seen and i love looking through and fueling my inspiration and love affair with flowers and all of their beauty.


plum perfect....

i love creating story boards for my clients to go along with their proposals. i think it's the perfect way to show them the colors, designs and overall feel that i'm proposing. the board below is based on the brides desire to use birdcages in a cool and unique way...some would be filled with candlelight while others will be filled with lush bunches of flowers...along with flowers cascading on the outside of the cage....a beautiful mix of modern and vintage with whimsical touches of birds and butterflies.

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