October snowstorm + flat tire + lost keys = 2 happy couples

It's been awhile but I'm back and breathing a bit easier now. Having successfully completed two more weddings this past weekend I'm gearing up for the final wedding of the season next week. Then it's off to the Grand Cayman islands, yippee! (more about that later)

While I never intended to make my Getting Married without a Hitch post a series it seems that the hits just keep on coming.

Some people may say that doing two weddings in one weekend can be tough, two weddings on one day a little tougher, two weddings on one day with venues an hour or so apart really tough. Add in a snow storm, a flat tire and forgotten keys and it's on a whole other level of difficult. Oh and did  I mention that this was all done with a staff of 3 people? And yes, that includes me. As a result of scheduling conflicts and family emergencies the staff was lean to say the least but I need to give a shout out to Margaret and Papa for making it happen.

Everything was beautiful and both couples were thrilled which is all I can ask for. Ashley & Doug had a romantic, European style reception at the beautiful DeSeversky Mansion on Long Island. Lush mix of white flowers with tons of candlelight set the mood. Also using a mix of white and ivory blooms Lorelei & Michael had the most inspired travel themed wedding at the 3 West Club in Manhattan. I will share images of both as soon as I get my hands on them!

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