Getting hitched...without a hitch, part II

I debated whether or not to share this little story but I had to, it's just too ridiculous to keep to myself. I already told you that problems do occasionally arise when setting up for an event.

Wardrobe malfunctions although rare do happen but usually it's not my malfunction. The couple getting married or one of their guests maybe but me...not so much. Until last weekend that is. We were in Philly and in the middle of unloading a packed truck when I thought I would move things along by hopping into the van to grab some stuff...bad idea.

As I readied myself to "hop" into the van all hell broke loose. Okay well that's a bit of an exaggeration but when I heard the tell tale sound of denim ripping I knew I was well , um, screwed for lack of a better word.

You know that soft, cozy, worn in denim, the kind that you just love to wear because it's so comfy. News flash...it rips, easily. Not to be worn when hopping into a van is on the to-do list.

The nice lady enjoying a cigarette outside of the hotel when it happened told me that housekeeping had a needle and thread I could borrow. Um, I'm way past a needle and thread but thank you. I quickly made a makeshift "skirt" with my scarf and hurried into the nearest Banana Republic and explained to sweet Amelia (I think that's her name) of my "situation". She was the best, stopped what she was doing to literally cover my, ahem, well you know.

I ended up with these new cute and equally cozy jeans. Key difference? That little 2% spandex in the denim. Thank you Amelia (if that isn't your name, please forgive me, panic did a number on my memory) thank you very much.

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