Final fall wedding and trip to Engage!

I have the last of my fall weddings on Saturday and then I'm off to Engage!11 in the Cayman Islands. I'm beyond excited!!

But first, the wedding this weekend is at The Garrison in the Hudson Valley. I just visited last week and it is such a great space with breathtaking views. I'm looking forward to working there on Saturday and thrilled that the couple went with a mix of seasonal tones that are going to look amazing against the backdrop of the fall foliage outside. I'll be sure to share pictures when I return from my work/playcation.

I have wanted to be a part of Engage! for a few years now and this year after following the tweets from San Diego earlier this year I knew that I had to sign up for the Cayman Islands. Honestly, what could be better than gathering with an amazing & inspiring group of industry pros all the while enjoying the beautiful Cayman Islands? It's bound to be an all around great experience.

I may make some updates while I'm away but if not, please stay tuned, I give you all the details the minute I get home.

Okay maybe not right away...it will have to be after I smother my little man with kisses, I'm gonna miss that little face while we're gone.


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