Engage11! reflections

I'm back from Engage11! and it proved to be a truly inspiring three days. We spent a few extra days in the Cayman Islands and I'm only just getting a chance to sit and reflect on everything. I'm having a hard time finding the right words to describe the experience, "amazing" doesn't seem to cover it. Inspiring, insightful, thought provoking, interesting, fun and exhausting might just begin to help describe it.

 Kathryn Arce and Rebecca Grinnals (co-founders of Engage11!) were right to name it a "Luxury Wedding Business Summit". To call it a "conference" seems disrespectful in some way. The speakers were varied and each shared their wisdom and experience so vividly that you came away with a new found sense of purpose for your business, a greater appreciation for your clients and the relationships you share with them. I knew it already but was reminded of the role I play in one of the most special days of a couples life, or should I say the beginning of the their lives together.

The painstaking attention to detail over the course of the three days did not go unnoticed by a single attendee and each day you woke with an anticipation of what would be next. We are all in the service industry, working hard to create memorable events for our clients and yet for these 3 days we were the ones being treated to these memories. And what a treat it was. We are all fully aware of the time and effort it takes to create such an event and I can only say thank you to everyone who was a part of making it a most memorable experience. I will continue to digest the experiences and share with you some of my thoughts and reflections. I took some pictures myself but decided to leave it to the professionals to share a glimpse of the Engage11! experience.

Rebecca Davidson captures many of the details here and one of the brilliant speakers, Donna van Bruening, who moved most of us to tears recalling her love, loss and finding the love again for her work shares some of her Engage11! memories here.

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