Getting hitched...without a hitch.

I would love to say that every wedding goes off without a hitch. I would love to say it but I would be lying. Sometimes the problems that arise are a little worse than others...some cause me to use some words that a lady shouldn't and others make me laugh, hard and out loud.

Over the past couple of weeks I've had a few of both types...

Morning weddings can be tricky...it involves getting things done early without a lot of time to spare. When your help doesn't show on time it throws a big wrench into the works and panic sets in. You stare at the clock and the time ticks by twice as fast. You race around the city to drop off personal flowers, pick up the rest of the arrangements and get back to the venue in time to construct the chuppuh and complete everything before guests start to roll in (in case you didn't know they are ALWAYS early).

And then it happens, distracted, panic stricken and fighting against the clock, you back into a cab. Yes, that's right...you're not paying quite as much attention to things around you as you should be and BAM...you miss that shiny yellow cab pulling up behind you as you double park.

Then the cab driver tries to shake you down for some cash even though you offer your insurance information...apparently that's not what he's looking for. After exclaiming that you are having a really bad day, your night in shining armor shows up and saves the day and gets that cabbie out of your hair. In the end it all turns out well...the bride is happy and you get to go home and enjoy the rest of your Sunday without a scratch.

Too bad I can't say the same about my bumper.

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