Wedding Wednesday: Translating your ideas into reality for your wedding flowers

I've met with many couples over the last 11 years or so. The consultation process is pretty straightforward as far as how the actual process works but the intricacies of learning what a couple is really looking for is another story.

I've mentioned bringing inspiration...ideas to help the designer know you and the style of the wedding. Think about words you can use to describe your vision. This isn't always easy and some are more visual than others but as designers it's our job to envision so when given some key words we are usually pretty good at pinpointing your ideas. This process can be subjective and interpretations can vary a bit but when you find the right designer they should be able to articulate your vision.

Adjectives are key here and you should use as many as you can think of to help convey your ideas.

Styles would include modern, minimal, contemporary (I think there is a difference between modern and contemporary) traditional or eclectic.

Romantic, feminine, lush, loose or wild would be in contrast to masculine, funky, textural, architectural or stylized.

An example would be if you like the idea of this arrangement,

you might use words like feminine, lush, romantic, slightly traditional with a modern touch.

For this design,

use words like funky, textural, more masculine including non-floral elements to describe what you are looking for.

And finally for this type of look,

you would choose words like sleek & modern with clean lines and repetition.

Obviously pictures are a great tool and resource to convey your ideas but you also want to be able to tell the designer why you like the picture. I always encourage couples to tell me the things they don't like as well, this can be equally as helpful into giving insight when designing the right look for you.

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