Vintage and Rustic Weddings

I had a draft for this post sitting around for awhile now and for one reason or another I hadn't gotten around to finishing it. Yesterday, while following tweets from engage!11 in San Diego I was intrigued to see that Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty tweeted "Brides still love vintage but editors would love other wedding submissions. Bring on the ballrooms".

It was refreshing to know that I wasn't alone in my thinking. I LOVE vintage and rustic looks, don't get me wrong but I also love the look of modern and classic weddings too. Somehow it doesn't seem as real to me that so many couples are going after one look. I'm working with a few couples right now that are going with a vintage and more rustic inspired feel for their wedding but it definitely suits them and the venue that they are using for the reception.

I'm also working with another couple who is much more traditional in their personal style and are getting married in a church and having their reception in a classically designed ballroom in a historical landmark building. They are looking for a combination of contemporary and traditional designs, what I would consider "classic contemporary". Elegant and romantic with some traditional elements but a new take on the classic look.

I think that's the most important thing to keep in mind. The ceremony space and reception venue should play a role in the style of decor that you choose. Be true to yourself and your own personal style but keep these other factors in mind and you will be sure to have the perfect look for your wedding.

Remember, while everyone is busy trying to be different things can begin to look the same. Do what you love and what feels right to you.

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