One table, two designs: Masculine vs. Feminine

In these last two designs for the Tablescape Challenge we kept the same art deco paper for the table runner as we used for the calla set-up but used the bright yellow flowers paired with some simple silver vases we picked up at Ikea.

The first version of this design is much more structured and architectural in design. I used only one type of flower in the two taller vases and then grouped the lotus pods and craspedia in the low vase. I would say this look has a more masculine and minimal feel in comparison to the second version.

In the second version of the same design we eliminated the calla lilies and added amazing two toned ranunculus. I'm not usually one for two toned flowers but these were beyond beautiful. The addition of the low vase filled with feminine and lush ranunculus as well as a few additional bud vases brought the design in a completely different direction.

You can see that with just a few tweaks and changes you can really make a difference in the overall look of the table. When designing your own table, whether it be for your wedding or a dinner party at home, play around with different combination of vases and flowers.

All photos courtesy of the lovely Sara Wasilausky.

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