How-To Tuesday: Easy at-home floral centerpiece idea

My parents recently came to visit and while I was getting the house ready I realized that I didn't have any flowers. Of course this is not a requirement but sometimes I do feel a little pressure to have some fresh cut flowers when people visit.

I had just brought three small fern plants home from the market a week or so ago. They are simple, mini plants in terra cotta pots and so easy to care for, I love having a little green life around the apartment.

Before my parents arrived I ran out to the bodega and grabbed two bunches of cosmos (for only $6 a bunch). They looked fresh and colorful...perfect for a few bud vases. When I got home and put them in the mismatched vases I thought how sweet they looked nestled around the mini fern plants. Everything rested on a recently used (and borrowed) cake stand and looked great in the middle of the table.

My brother joined us for dinner and brought a few clippings of his garden roses, which just happen to be my mother's rose bushes that have made their way around the tri-state area. Originally planted outside her childhood home in the Bronx they were transplanted to our home on Long Island, then moved to New Jersey and Pennsylvania until they made their way to my brother's first home on Staten Island and now continue to bloom at his second home just around on the corner from the first.

Garden roses aren't always the strongest but they are beautiful and of course these have sentimental value so I added these to the group and now thought it was perfect!

It doesn't take a lot of flowers or very expensive ones to create a nice centerpiece for a casual get together. Use whatever vases you have on hand (the roses ended up going in a tall blue glass) and don't be afraid to incorporate small plants you may already have at home.

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