Valentine's Day - Beyond the Rose

As a floral designer you can have mixed emotions about valentine's day. You can either look at it with a sense of dread knowing the craziness that is sure to come or you can look forward to the energy that comes with knowing you have so many people anxiously awaiting to give or receive this simple expression of love. I prefer the latter.

And contrary to the tasteless opinion of one particular big market florist, it's not just romantic love (and that's giving a little class to the real message they were sending).

Remember everyone this valentine's day and send them a little love. Think beyond the traditional red rose, PLEASE, I beg of you. Be open to other flower options, there are many and they are all beautiful.

I'm are already taking orders for Valentine's Day and will be up until February 13th. 
To ensure quality and delivery we will not be taking same day orders. 

send an email anne@bladenyc.com
give a shout 917-723-3577

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