Fresh and Green, foliage arrangement

There are amazing greens and foliage available at all times of the year and I think that they are often overlooked and more often thought of as "filler". This is sometimes true in poorly designed arrangements that have a mix of many cheap flowers along with heaps of cheap greens. I decided to create an arrangement using only greens/foliage.
I love the fresh feeling of this design, the layers of texture and the way it makes me feel like I can just breath a little deeper. Weird? Maybe but it's true.

Here are the ingredients.

Huge fan of umbrella fern and that's pretty much all I have to say about. LOVE THEM. Check out this post over on Design Sponge for some more info about them.

I know, check it out, me, the self admitted flower snob (sometimes) is using leather leaf. But I promise you'll see that used sparingly it can add a nice bit of texture and volume to the arrangement, key word = sparingly.

The waxy deep green of the front side of the leaf paired with the light tone of the back is great contrast, adding just one more layer. 

These leaves are available in sizes ranging from mini to extra extra large. 

They are called FUN BUN's, how can you not love them? They come in a few different sizes as well.

Put it all together and you'll get a little something like this.

Simple, fresh and clean. Don't disregard the impact that all green arrangements can have, even for a wedding. You can create similar looks on varying scales and it would look amazing!

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