Terrarium Board on Pinterest

Check out these great terrariums I've gathered over on Pinterest. I love the simplicity of them. The perfect touch of green for your home, especially great to have in a tiny nyc apartment. The addition of miniature accents is super cute and can really make them your own. These self contained little worlds don't require much care so they are perfect if you have a "not so green thumb". Look for a terrarium making workshop near you to learn just how to do it. I might take a road trip, pick up my sis and head to Terrain and check out one of their workshops soon.

You can find the one below over Run2TheWild on etsy.com. Sweet idea for your Valentine.

Source: etsy.com via Anne on Pinterest

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  1. I love this idea....I happen to be at West Elm just the other day and they had a great assortment of terrariums and small wall planters. Great way to get a little green in a home without taking up much space.


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