My toolbox: Tools for creating a flower arrangement, part 2

a couple of weeks ago i talked about the basic tools i keep in my toolbox and today i wanted to show you a few more. they are not necessarily tools but they are great in helping you arrange your flowers. it doesn't matter if you are buying your flowers from a high end floral shop or your local grocery store these things will help you do things a little better.

of everything pictured here I would say that the covered wire is the most versatile and useful. it can be functional, decorative or both. you may be able to find some in color as well. the stem wrap to the right of the covered wire is perfect for strengthening delicate stems that might otherwise break or bend in your arrangement. continuing clockwise, the clear Oasis tape is one thing that a beginner floral designer should definitely consider using. It allows you to create a grid on any vase or container that helps so much in creating the base foundation for your arrangement. the green Oasis tape is typically used for larger arrangements that may have branches or heavier flowers to create the same type of grid but most often it is used to secure floral foam to a container. you can find most of these at Michaels or here at one of my go to sources for supplies here in nyc.

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