Mother's Day: Then and Now

mother's day has been celebrated in different ways for centuries. as time passed it became a more and more commercialized holiday filled with gifts, candy and of course flowers. while ideally we would show this type of appreciation for mothers everywhere any day of the year, it is nice that we dedicate one special Sunday in May for our moms.

for me, mother's day has changed in it's significance over the years. having lost my mother when i was 11 i spent many years thinking of mother's day as a sad day. but as the years passed it became more of a happy day to remember the times i shared with my mother.

when i started in the flower business mother's day took on a whole new significance as being a busy day filling orders and brought with it a welcome change of perspective.

this year mother's day has changed it's significance yet again...since now i'm one of those mother's that will be celebrated. and as i spend the day with my son (who will turn 1 just two days later) i will think of my own mother and smile.

THEN - me and my mother circa 1977ish

NOW - me and my son

Happy Mother's Day!

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