Beakers and Bubbles

This is one of the designs we created for the Tablescape Challenge. Something about the beakers brought me back to high school chemistry class and the paper we used as a table covering made me think of bubbles after too long on a Bunsen burner...or better yet maybe a nice glass of champagne...either way I love it.

You can see how some of the same flowers can take on a completely different when paired with different accents.

I love using decorative paper as a table runner, it adds another texture and the mood can be totally transformed based on the style and design of the paper. Ironically the same idea was recently mentioned on Martha Stewart as the craft of the week.

I love this look...I can't even pinpoint what it is but it just reminds me of a fun, bright sunny day, a perfect brunch with a few good friends.

It could also be the way that Sara Wasilausky shot the table that makes it look so inviting.

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