Wedding Wednesday: Rain Plan

We hoped for sunny skies for last weekend's wedding in Bridgehampton but unfortunately mother nature didn't cooperate and we were forced to go for "plan B", the often dreaded rain plan.

What I realized is that while moving a beach ceremony indoors isn't ideal, the alternative of being caught in a downpour would be much less desirable. In our case the decision was made by a group of seasoned pros who knew that it was better to have a well thought out indoor plan than a chaotic last minute outdoor ceremony with the threat of rain literally looming overhead. And that's just how it happened. The final decision had been made, the stage had been set and as the bride arrived to take her walk down the aisle the rain began to fall outside.

My advice is to hope for the best but to realize that the alternative is definitely not the worst. A rain plan is just that, a plan. It should be well thought out and understood as a real possibility. The decor should be adaptable and your designer should be able to make a few changes for it to appear seamless. Your guests will never know that changes were made at the last minute and you will be just as happy walking down the aisle...even if it is "plan B".

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