Time to celebrate!

I apologize for the long silence...but I'm back and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

There's a birthday today or should I say anniversary? Not sure but either way it's time to celebrate, Blade turns FIVE today! Officially speaking it was about a month ago but today is more significant to me because it was this day five years ago that I left my job behind to take a HUGE leap of faith in myself. There have been challenges along the way but through it all I have never stopped loving what I do.

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me both professionally and personally, I couldn't have done it without your support!

I'm looking forward to many more years to continue doing what I love.

Much love & thanks.


  1. Congratulations Anne! You should be so proud of yourself and the beautiful work you do with Blade. Your talent and passion for what you do has brought so much happiness to so many.


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