Leftovers, changing one design into another.

Who knew that leftovers could be so good? I love when I'm able to redesign an arrangement, take apart the elements from one and make it into another. Unfortunately because I'm a little forgetful sometimes and because I didn't know that I would have the chance to remake these arrangements I don't have a picture of the before, but here's an after with only two of the elements along with a simple bud vase of ranunculus (which I can never get enough of).

You should do the same at home when you receive an arrangement or buy your own flowers. Different flowers will last for varying lengths of time. By getting rid of the dead ones and refreshing those that are still good you will be able to enjoy the arrangement for a few more days. Give a fresh cut, some sparkly clean water (that's what they love best...all those remedies are just to keep the bacteria away!) and you'll have a whole new look.

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