Winter Quince

We all love flowering branches but some may think that they are only available in the Spring (oh, the beloved cherry blossoms!) but there are some great options already starting to bloom. Quince is one of my favorite, available in both white and pink (light & dark). The buds are small and when they bloom are still a petite flower. I really love the shape of the branches as well, they have a minimal feel to them making them a perfect option for something a bit more sleek and contemporary. I used them this week for one of my weekly designs, here I show the branches alone but I ended up adding some pink callas to the base of the design.

Love the deep coral color of these blooms!
A simple container is the perfect match for a contemporary look.
As with all hard, woody stems be sure to cut on an angle for optimal water absorption.
Add another cut down the center of the branch.

All of these tiny little buds WILL open, you will be surprised to see how long the branches last, especially if  you change the water every few days and give the branches a fresh cut.

Don't be afraid to prune back any broken or unruly branches!
Simple but will be stunning in just a few days as the flowers bloom!

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