Planting Fields Arboretum

I have my friend Kat to thank for letting me know about the amazing camellias at The Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, NY. After seeing her Instagram pics I had to check it out. So a couple of weekends ago on a sunny Sunday my little man and I made our way over to Planting Fields.

I have to be honest that the main greenhouse was a little underwhelming but the camellia house made up for it. 

You have through the end of March to check it out so take a ride out to Long Island and see for yourself. I'm sure I missed some things, but when dealing with a 3 year old you have to take in what you can as fast as you can. I plan to go back again as the spring approaches because of course my arborist brother was not too happy that I made that visit without him, it's kind of our thing, runs in the blood I guess.

 One part of the main greenhouse I did love were these tilandsia, "air plants".

 But the camellias, these were the little ladies that just could blow your mind. So perfect.

He approved too, just taking it all in. Patient little guy I must say, guess we will wait and see if it runs through his blood as well.

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