Inspiration and choosing your wedding style

There are more resources than ever to find inspiration for your wedding design. From Pinterest and Lover.ly to the many amazing wedding and design blogs there is no shortage of inspiring designs. But when you are in the midst of planning how do you narrow down the choices?

Here are four tips to keep in mind:
 1. Choose the mood. Choose a feeling that you want to evoke throughout the day. Whether you want a grand and extravagant affair or a warm and intimate setting choose design elements that will reflect that feeling but keep the design of the venue in mind as well.

2. Choose a color palette. You can choose a combination of tones or keep it neutral with an accent color. The color doesn't have to remain the same throughout, it can vary in shades and composition for different areas. From ceremony, to cocktails and then to the dinner reception the palette can change slightly or even more drastically if you want to create a little more drama.

3. Personalize the day. This does not mean that your monogram needs to be emblazoned on everything. While you can use your monogram there are other ways to incorporate personal touches without being so literal. Tell your story, share your love and the things that you love to do as a couple. Any way to engage your guests and let them know a bit more about you as a couple is always a nice touch.

4. Edit. With so much inspiration to choose from it's important to edit, edit and then edit again. Don't try to incorporate every great idea you see. Once you choose the mood, create a central "theme" and stick with it. Enhance the look and personal touches but don't go overboard. Make sure the props and additional elements you choose make sense and compliment the look rather than distract from it.

Most importantly, have fun, make it yours and remember what it's really all about!
(I promise, the day won't be ruined if you don't have the perfect shade of matching paper straws.)

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