Inside the Studio: Busy days of spring

I've been working on a bunch of different projects lately and I hope to share them all with you soon but in the meantime here's just a sampling of some of the pretty things I've surrounded myself with over the last few weeks.

 Oh peonies, peonies, peonies, 'tis the season.

You don't often see me mix white and purple (my old flower friends might gasp!) but this just seemed to work for me and these tulips...sneaky little guys with their "Mysterious" name. Yes, that's really what they are called. Those flower growers over in Holland must love choosing the variety names...makes you wonder what they might be smoking doing when choosing names...ahem.

 Okay so I did it again...more purple and white...what can I tell you?!? It just felt right. And the accent of the cherry branch foliage was the perfect touch.

 A little something for my friends over at Catch for a dinner a few weeks ago. The asked for deep rich cranberry tones, keeping it clean...what do you think?

 I had made these arrangements for a client but then...

...they turned into these because of a request to make them a bit more masculine.
What do you think? Were they masculine before or did the yellow make them too feminine?
 These were great little bundles wrapped with twine to use in a small vase for cocktail tables.
You can see I was a big fan of the "mysterious" tulip while I could get it.

So I've been busy (thank you very much!) and I've been trying to be really good about talking pictures before these loves head out the door so I can share them with all of you!

More to come...

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