Fall weddings and lists and lists and more lists.

I know I haven't been posting regularly but right after my summer "recap" I got slapped in the face with the prep for a bunch of upcoming October weddings. It's amazing how much you can plan and prep very far in advance but there is just no getting around all the work that has to be taken care of just a few weeks before the wedding. All couples know this is true for the details that they are finalizing around this time but trust me your vendors are hard at work too!

There are lists, many lists. I happen to love them and it works for me. Good old fashioned pen and paper. I like to cross things off. Feel a sense of accomplishment. Until I realize that I just need to transfer it on to the new list I've created. And the lists just keep coming.

But the end result is truly all worth it. So please, hang in there with me while I write and cross off my lists and I promise there will be a lot of prettiness to share. There will be oohs and ahhs, it will be awesome.

Until then I will be back with some tidbits of what I've been working on.

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