Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

there are so many choices in colors and textures at this time of year. combination's can range from softer tones of orange and greens to more vibrant tones of orange and golds. of course leaves, berries and branches intertwined throughout the arrangement gives a lovely touch of fall. to create a more abundant look and perhaps use ingredients you already have for your thanksgiving dinner, use a simple wooden crate and combine vegetables and greens for a beautiful and simple table centerpiece.

mango calla lilies, green leucadendron, gold curly willow and orange cymbidium orchids

pin cushion protea, hydrangea, gold cymbidium orchids, roses and asclepia

asclepia, mango calla lilies, brassica and orange tulips

purple brassica, broccoli, echinacea, persimmon, radishes and artichokes
carrots, artichokes, radishes, zucchini, red scallions and various herbs

table decoration shouldn't end with the centerpiece! there are other ways to add special and thoughtful touches to your thanksgiving table.
here are some easy ideas...
for place card ideas and napkin accents, you can always count on Martha Stewart to have some great ideas. i saw these simple place cards over on etsy and think that these candles are so adorable and could easily be added to a floating candle centerpiece.
Country Living also put together some great looks, you can find them here.
for a more modern look for the table, i love this orange and gray color combo.

along with all of the flowers and decorations nothing is more impressive than a properly set table. below are examples of an informal and formal table settings.

photo courtesy of classy and fabulous via simplified bee

whatever you choose to do and no matter what your Thanksgiving table design looks like, give thanks and enjoy the times with the special people in your life.

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