i'm a couple of weeks late in posting this but i don't think you'll mind once you see the cuteness.

but first a little bit about the flowers. i created a beautiful fall arrangement for a silent auction at a halloween party for bowery babes (a group of amazaing moms (and dads) and their little ones.)

although this was technically for halloween it is really a perfect look for anytime in the fall and with Thanksgiving coming up you may be looking for ideas to decorate your table. i kept this simple and a little more on the "funky" and textured side of things. succulents, pin cushion protea and leucadendron were paired with some mango calla lilies and some berried bush ivy. i covered the vase in moss (which can be a little messy but i love the look of it!). for an extra touch i added some copper wire to give it a subtle sparkle.

i'll be posting some more ideas for your thanksgiving table decor but i would love to hear what you are planning?

Oh right, you're still waiting for the cuteness...well here it is....

but of course that's just a mommy lion's opinion.

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