Phaleonopsis Orchids

since i'm knee deep in phaleonopsis orchids today as i prepare for the wedding this weekend, i had them on the brain, so i thought i would share. the variety that i'm using is called "happy valentina", could easily be "happy valentine" which would be so appropriate for a romantic and love filled wedding day.

there is endless information to be found online about phaleonopsis, much more than i would be able to cover here. there are experts and enthusiasts who cultivate these orchids and i wouldn't insult them by pretending to know a lot about the plants, there are soooo many species and hybrids.

here are 5 things i do know...

1 - i love them.
2 - they are simply beautiful.
3 - they are unlike any other.
4 - they are feminine, romantic, simple and elegant.
5 - oh wait, did i tell you that i love them?

a single stem can create the greatest impact while a large quantity is beyond stunning. cut phaleonopsis stems can be difficult to come by since most plants are grown to be sold as plants and not many growers want to cut the stems. a design with cut phals can be a bit more expensive but the final outcome is well worth the cost.

here are some designs using phaleonopsis that i've created in the past.

i will be sure to post some from this weekend once i have them.
you may not hear from me until then, as i wade my way through the sea of beautiful phals over the next few days...jealous?
you should be!

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