A chat with Sylvia Weinstock

i've always admired the beauty, detail and awe inspiring designs of Sylvia Weinstock's cakes. they are a thing of beauty and the woman behind the cakes is equally as fabulous. i had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia last saturday at Nyssa and Chris' wedding at the Mandarin. yes, that's right, she was there, she accompanied the delivery of the cake. i found this so amazing...she's an icon in the business and her cakes are sought after by many couples yet she still finds it important enough to be on site with the delivery of one of her cakes. of course she can't go with every delivery since they have numerous cakes going out at any given time. i introduced myself and told her how admirable i thought it was that she would be on site for the delivery and i learned a great lesson from her, no matter how successful you are, every client deserves the same attention. you are your business and the most successful person will be the one who remembers that you are there to provide a service to your clients. each client is as important as the next - you never know where your next referral will come from and what it may lead to. i appreciated the few minutes we chatted and will keep her words of wisdom in mind as i continue to grow and shape my business.

now for the eye candy...
more to come on Nyssa & Chris' wedding...and the outcome of the phaleonopsis!!

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