Happy Valentine's Day

It's been a few years since I've stayed up all night fulfilling Valentine's day orders. Yes, that's right people, ALL night.

Way back when I started my endless love affair with flowers I worked in some of nyc's busiest retail shops. Retail is something entirely it's own and while I'm happy to send a beautifully stunning arrangement to help someone show a little love it's not what I do the most of these days.

My favorite were the last minute stragglers practically stumbling into the store with a look of panic that all the flowers may be gone. They never were, we always could make something beautiful. Knowing we were helping to make someones day never got old.

There is a part of me that truly misses the high that comes with finishing a hundred or more orders in a day (not all by myself of course, I'm good but that's just crazy.) There is a coming together over the course of those days that always made me so happy. Everyone doing their part to spread a little love across the city.

While those long days are gone (for Valentine's Day at least!) I will always remember them as some of  the best in this crazy little world of flowers.

So while you are spending time with the ones you love, remember all the people behind the scenes working to make your day a little more special.

There are many amazing shops (including some pop-ups from some of my favs) throughout the city who will be able to create something memorable for your Valentine. Remember go for quality rather than quantity. Choose unique seasonal blooms and as I've said many times, think beyond the red rose.

Much love from my world to yours.


  1. thanks for the link love! by the way, love that purple arrangement. searched for those purple tulips this morning to no avail. overbought so it's just as well... x


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