Love is love is love.

More than half my life I've had the pleasure of having a third brother, not by blood but certainly by love. He is one of the most loving and generous people I know. He is the godfather to my son and much to the dismay of my other siblings is his favorite uncle.

I was thrilled to witness as it became official in the eyes of the law, at least in New York State. I was honored to be a witness as my brothers, one by blood and the other by love were able to be married.

I help plan and style so many weddings every year but this simple ceremony in the courthouse surrounded by the closest family and friends was by far the most meaningful. Now the law recognizes what I've known for the last 22 years, love is love is love.

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  1. Beautifully said, beautifully felt. As I said before...SO thrilled MY children will grow up in a world where "love is love"


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