Scabiosa and other funky little treasures

i woke this morning with the thought of flowers...as i often do...i have that first waking, fleeting thought of flowers in one way or another. flowers i need to order for an upcoming event, how i can possibly get 300 stems of phaleonopsis when i need them or just how many beautiful interesting and funky little things grow in this wonderful world.

apparently i'm not the only one with the same thoughts...but maybe they get a little more sleep than i do.

christina over at floresdelsol talked about one of my favorites today, scabiosa stellata...not well known and completely underrated in my opinion these little pods can add THE perfect touch to many different styles of designs.

i also loved this real wedding i saw over at style me pretty and the super cool, chic and unique centerpieces using scabiosa stellata and two of my other all-time favorites, succulents and manazanita branches...throw some fiddlehead fern in there and i would be compeltely smitten...okay maybe they wouldn't look perfect in that design but i do love them!

Photo courtesy of Alderleaf Wilderness College.

it seems that more and more of my clients are interested in using these "textural" elements into their arrangements even in bouquets...here are a few i've created in the past that had a funky twist on the traditional bouquet.

would you consider using something different, even non-floral for your bouquet?
let me know!

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