i know, i know

it's been way too long since my last post but the good news is that over the next few days i will be able to share with you some of the events that i've been working on over the past month or so (okay, from the last few months)
there is so much planning that goes into each event, list after list (after list) is created and then checked off...for the production of the event to go off without a hitch i need to make sure all my duckies are in a row and to be honest there is often a wayward duckie (or two!) at the last minute that i need to get back in line! by the time the event is over and i've rested my aching feet i fall short in getting the pictures together and posted!
so here we go....and since we were talking about duckies (we were, right?) let's start with a small baby shower that i worked on for one of my dearest friends who is expecting her bundle of joy in a little more than a month...i can't wait!

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