a walk in the park...

spring in central park??? it doesn't get much better than that, except of course if you get there on one of the first sunny spring days! i spent the day there yesterday and took a little trip to the zoo with my friend and her daughter...the trees are in full bloom and everything looks so beautiful. take a walk, run or ride and enjoy these long awaited spring days!

magnolia trees are sooo beautiful...and around for such a short time before the flower petals drop off.
the cherry blossoms aren't quite bloomed yet but i have some pictures from last spring...always a favorite of brides...but remember there is only a short window of time that flowering branches are available...so if you love them and know that you want them for your wedding...think SPRING!

while you're busy looking up at the beautiful trees don't forget to look down at some of the beautiful ground cover throughout the parks gardens

the vibrant colors of this peacock were too amazing to resist...unfortunately it didn't shake it's tail feathers so that i could get a picture but it's still soo beautiful.

happy weekend!

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