when irish eyes are smiling...

happy st. patrick's day!!! anyone who knows me knows that st. paddy's day is one of my favorite holidays!! what is better than lots of green...green beer, green shamrocks and the oh so popular green carnations.
i know, i know, i should hate carnations let alone green ones! but i can't. one of my favorite memories is waking up on st. patrick's day to a green carnation corsage that my dad would have for me. it was the prettiest thing i had ever seen...luckily my tastes have become a little more refined since then but i can't ever see a green carnation and not want to smile, even just a little. green carnations have also come a long way since back in the day and some of the colors are very pretty. carnations are often dismissed as a "cheap" flower but when used in an interesting way they can be beautiful.

in case you want to design a st. paddy's day table without using green carnations here are a couple of options to choose from:

cymbidium orchids

jade roses

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