flower of the week...sweet peas

i want to start highlighting a flower of the week. i realize that i see these beautiful flowers everyday in so many varieties and in dozens of colors but not everyone is so lucky! i will share my favorites, the most seasonal and simply the most beautiful!!
today's pick is a long time favorite of couples for their wedding. it's soft, feminine, romantic and the fragrance is heavenly...sweet and subtle.
sweet peas are naturally available in a range of colors from whites, creams, soft pinks and peach to deeper jewel tones of hot pinks and purples. i also recently saw some new colors and did a double take when i realized they had been dyed!! i usually don't like to use dyed flowers but i have to be honest that they looked pretty amazing...

these are naturally purple

dyed a dark orange/brown these would look beautiful combined with cream and white flowers

these are great, a soft green color is the perfect accent to any color palette...or an elegant substitution to the green carnation for st. paddy's day!

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